crypto designed to build wealth and the future of tech.

disbotdatbot is community-driven, deflationary token that rewards engaged holders and actively supports the future.

disbotdatbot stewards a fund that seeks out and invests in passionate tech-minds who are driven to make the world a better place.

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the disbotdatbot manifesto

disbotdatbot is community-driven, deflationary token that rewards engaged holders and actively supports the future.

the world needs more people like you—savvy crypto-token collector who makes good investments while making the world a better place. 5% of total supply is dedicated for a fund designed to help kickstart those crazy-tech-cats who have big dreams and crazy-world-changing-ideas, with an additional 4% of every transaction going back into the fund!

here at disbotdatbot hq we believe that together we can change what is possible.

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other stuff you should know

  • it’s not that we don’t love capital letters—we love all letters. we just don’t want to use them.

  • we are hell bent on making a positive difference in the world by helping fund as many developers with world-changing crazy ideas as possible.

  • you are going to need metamask to make this happen—click the button below and do the thing.

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invest. engage.
get rewarded

8% transaction tax—4% rewards to holders, 4% to incubator fund—good news for investors.

support future

we vet and support deserving coders and developers and help them bring their ideas to market

reap more rewards.
get first fruits.

disbot has very innovative tiers of membership coming soon that reward your engagement with special perks.

watch the disbotdatbot discord for special announcements,
including a monthly lottery! why? because we can.

disbot tokenomics

the disbot tokenomics are pretty simple, but the thought behind them is anything but.

a key feature is the disbot transaction tax of 8%, distributed as 4% rewards to holders as reflections, and 4% to the incubation fund. doing this will keep holders feeling good about disbot.

we love whales. the wet kind. not the token-hoarding kind. our anti-whale policy exists to protect you the investor from whales (the greedy land-animal variety) having the ability to hold and manipulate the token price during presale by capping each wallet to so many tokens. this ensures fairness in our presale and launch.

we love bots, except when they’re jerks and hurt humans. our anti-bot policy is targeted at those jerk-bots that get in and ‘snipe’ the token when it first launches publicly, crowding out actual humans from being able to buy. we don’t let them do that.

our team has been working tirelessly to bring this token into the world and really wants it, it’s investors, and the incubators to succeed. so much so that our team has a vesting system in place. this is to ensure no rug-pulling can take place. the team vesting schedule is as follows: 90 days after public launch 10% of team tokens will be made available for trade, and every 90 days thereafter another 10% of team tokens will be released.


1 trillion tokens


30% presale and liquidity


15% team


7% marketing


5% incubator


7% ecosystem


6% rewards


30% token burn

disbotdatbot roadmap

lewis carol’s cheshire cat once said that “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

cheshire cats are smart like that. we know where we’re going. you should come.

disbotdatbot whitepaper

what’s the vision? what’s the agenda? why are we on this crazy adventure? and what do we have against capital letters?!?

all great questions, thank you for asking. grab the whitepaper, kick back and relax, and read all about how together we can make the world a better place.

download the whitepaper

frequently asked questions

when is next pre-sale2021-12-07T16:51:13+00:00

we don’t have a hard date for this – we are basing it on hitting our goals of (1) a completed incubation platform, and (2) release of our first nft collection. we will be releasing frequent updates on discord, our tg channel, and our new tg group – so please join!

does the project lose any disbot tokens in the process2021-12-07T16:50:20+00:00

no, disbotdatbot gets all the disbot tokens held in escrow for the pre-sale back into our owner wallet. we will hold them here in safety until we relaunch again.

how do I get my investment in disbot back2021-12-07T16:49:16+00:00

very easily, and with no loss to you. go to the presale page, connect your wallet, and simply click the ‘withdraw funds’ button, approve it, and all your investment will be back in your wallet in no time at all.

why did you cancel the presale2021-12-07T16:47:50+00:00

we cancelled the pre-sale because we wanted to make sure we have the best and most-engaged community behind disbot. we realize we are a bit too early; so we are focusing efforts on building the tg and discord communities with active investors, as well as presenting our incubator platform and first nft collection when we launch again.

are you audited?2021-11-30T04:57:32+00:00
yes! we have been audited by coinscope. you can see the details here.
do i need a specific wallet?2021-11-22T22:55:15+00:00

yes! to purchase and store our token, you’ll need one of either: metamask / trustwallet / walletconnect

how do i buy this token?2021-12-06T15:46:18+00:00

thanks for considering joining us in this adventure and helping make the world a better place. in order to participate, you’ll first need to get whitelisted. join our discord group to get preferred access once the whitelist goes live again. afterwards, you can visit our our pre-sale launchpad.

what features protect my investment?2021-11-22T22:27:36+00:00

we have some key features to give investors the best and safest return on your investment.

  • our anti-whale feature ensures a limit to how many tokens a single wallet holder can buy.
  • our anti-bot mechanism ensures that bots can’t ‘snipe’ the token once it goes live, allowing actual human investors in.
what is your team-token vesting schedule?2021-11-23T22:45:53+00:00

our first vesting is in 90 days, with only 10% of team-tokens released to the team. succeeding vesting rounds will be every 90 days thereafter, with only 10% team-tokens released each round.

how do you choose the tech incubator?2021-11-22T22:29:36+00:00

we regularly review entries with a team of seasoned business owners and economists in the tech-sector to help decide who is awarded. we will announce when we are opening new entries for consideration.

coming soon

disbot doesn’t need to sleep, so while you’re out enjoying life on this fancy-wet-blue-ball, we’ll be having our own kinda fun conjuring up cool stuff you can add to your ever-growing wallet:

  • disbotdatbot-inspired nft’s
  • specially-minted irl tokens
  • first-fruit opportunities
  • access to newly incubated tech
  • and rewards galore

so, what are some of the ways you can you get in on this and fill that wallet of yours, you ask?

  • get whitelisted
  • hold onto your disbot tokens
  • be active in disbotdatbot discord
  • be a force for good in the world

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